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Mouse Accuracy Game

Mouse Accuracy is an online game that allows players to test and improve their mouse accuracy. One can pace up their mouse click speed while remaining accurate at the same time. Players of all levels, be it amateur or professional gamers, can leverage the game. While the primary use of it is to help gamers improve their mouse-clicking speed, agility, and accuracy, casual computer users can play the game for fun.

The gameplay is very simple and straightforward where multiple targets pop up on the screen and players are to hit the targets by moving their cursors. What makes it interesting is that it not only measures the mouse click speed but also the accuracy and efficiency of each click. 

The browser-based game is free to play and it is for all ages to enjoy. The game has no age-restriction and is suited for children. We are offering several configurations to make it more engaging for children.

Configuration Options

The game has six configuration options that are meticulously selected keeping in mind both the gamers and casual computer users. Among the main settings include the difficulty level, cursor option, target size and more. Below is a brief of all the configurations that players can tweak:

Difficulty Level

We at have developed the game acknowledging skill level and interest of the masses. Therefore, the clicking game has four levels that players can set based on their skill set. The four levels are - Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. Gamers can choose the level by tapping on the upward and downward adjuster. It is always best to make a dry run and check what is your base level and then choose the difficulty level.

Target Size

The Target Size is an option that truly tests gamers' skills. The targets are a foundational component of the mouse accuracy game. It is what a player hits to examine their skills. Each of the target circles will fade out and then fade in. 

Players are to click while it fades out and fades in. The target sizes have four options for players to choose from. The sizes include - Tiny, Small, Medium, and Big. The bigger the size the easier to hit, hence, if you are just starting of new than its best to keep target size as Big. Gamers can scale up eventually by decreasing the target size too big, medium and finally tiny. 

Target Colour

As we said earlier, the game is made keeping in mind all age groups. Interestingly, the game offers six color options for players to set a target color as to their liking. The six colors include - Red, Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Dark Orange, and Green. 

Each color is chosen after learning the most preferred colors that the masses will enjoy. The colors are chosen in a way that does not distract the eye while playing the game. By default, the game is set to the color red. All these color options also make it more engaging and fun for children.


The cursor is the second most important component of the game. Cursor reflects the movement of the mouse and it is what a player will use to click on the target circles. For casual players, and everyday mouse will do just fine as they only play for fun. 

However, professional gamers can use their gaming mouse to ensure that swift and tiny movements are quickly recorded on-screen by the cursor. For now, the browser-based game offers two types of cursors. 

The types include a ‘Normal Select’ cursor and a ‘Precision Select’ cursor. Players must note that both are equally capable in terms of performance. The Precision Select is in no way better than the Normal Select in the game. Gamers can put both cursors to test and see which is more comfortable to play with.


Another thing gamers can configure is time. The game offers four-time options - 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds and 90 seconds. Players can choose the time for which they want to test their mouse-clicking skills. 

It is best to start with 15 seconds and then push on higher to see if the clicks are consistent over a longer period of 90 seconds. Use the downward and upward arrow to choose the time. Time is an important factor in these games as gamers are to measure theirs over a specific time frame. The time configuration does not make much difference to casual gamers or computer users. 


As gamers ourselves, we kept the option to enable and disable sound to make it comfortable to all. Many players prefer to play in silent in a bid to increase their concentration. However, others find it engaging to have the sound on while playing. If players keep the sound ‘on’ then it will make sound with every correct hit on target. 

One can choose the type of sound they want to keep. The sound helps gamers to know if they have hit on the target or missed some while playing the game. By default, the sound is left disabled. To enable, just click on the toggle and enjoy the game.

How to Play Mouse Accuracy 

Playing the Mouse Accuracy game is very easy. Below are steps that a player can follow to start the game:

  • The game’s welcome screen offers six configuration options. Tweak the settings as per your requirements. 
  • Once done, click on the red ‘Start’ button.
  • The game screen will run a 3-second countdown so players are ready.
  • At the end of the countdown, target circles starting popping and all a player has to do is click on it by moving the cursor. The circles appear on the whole screen.
  • The game will initiate a countdown even 5-seconds to the end of the game. 
  • Once done, a result screen will appear. 
  • To play again, click ‘Play Again.’ In case, if you want to change the setting then click on ‘Settings’ and play. 

Result Screen

The result screen shows the score overview and statistics, which are both broken down into multiple formats. 

Score Overview 

The score overview is the actual score of a player and an overview of his mouse skills. The mouse skills are further divided into efficiency and accuracy. The first comes to the score which denotes the number of correct hits on the target. Each target pays 1 point and an additional bonus point. So for example, if you hit 7 targets in 15 seconds then the total score will be 14 (7 normal points and 7 bonus points). 

The second is the target efficiency that calculates the number of accurate hits you made from the total targets that appeared on the screen. Efficiency is equally important as speed to professional gamers as they can calculate how accurate and fast they are hitting a target. For example, if 50 targets appeared on the screen and you only hit 25 then the efficiency percentage will come to 50%.

In the third option, the game gives the click accuracy of a player. The click accuracy measures the total number of accurate clicks made by a player from all the clicks. So for example, if a player has clicked the mouse 50 times in total and only 25 have hit the target, then the player's accuracy is only 50%. 

The major difference between efficiency and accuracy is that efficiency is measured from the total number of targets while accuracy is calculated from the total number of clicks made by a gamer. 


The statics overview is also very important as it measures the speed of clicks by calculating the number of accurate clicks per second.

Firstly, it offers Target overview - which states the number of hits and misses of the target. It also will show the time it took players to click on the target. The second block of the Statics is a brief of all settings that players choose at the start of the game. 

Displaying the difficulty level, target size and time makes it easy for gamers to understand how well they performed. The last is the statistical outcome is the - Clicks. Clicks define the number of clicks made by a player in a second. 

Why use Mouse Accuracy Game?

Mouse Accuracy is a great way to test one's skills with the mouse. Professional gamers need not look further and try the mouse accuracy game to not only test but also ameliorate their skills. Similarly, amateur gamers can use it to significantly boost their mouse speed and accuracy.

Apart from that, the game is even for anyone who is looking for a way to show off their mouse skills. There are many online games that test typing speed and accuracy, but there are only a few that allow anyone to test their ability with the mouse. 

What makes us different from all the mouse games online is that we provide a comprehensive analysis of one’s competency with the mouse. Beyond that our game architecture and design are such that it keeps the entertainment factory intact while a gamer takes the mouse accuracy test. 

The game is also a great way to test drive your new mouse. If you are a gamer and want to know how they feel and the accuracy of a mouse than there is no better place than our game. Players can also use it as a platform to configure their mouse settings before they start playing their game live.

While the Mouse Accuracy game has a lot to offer to gamers, it has become a great pastime game for casual computer users. Initially, the game was designed specifically to test a gamer's accuracy with the mouse, but now the platform has become a game in itself. Many challenge their friends to play the game.

Players share their scores on social media and challenge their friends to beat the score. To make it even easier to share on social media, our result screen has social media icons for players to directly share their scorecard. Instead of sharing a score, players will be able to show off their detailed skill set on social media. Apart from competing for the highest score, friends can choose to compete on multiple verticals such as the highest accuracy or target efficiency. 

Mouse Accuracy vs Clicking Games 

The best part of the mouse accuracy game is that nonplayer can cheat. Gamers can not automate clicks as the target is not definite and the game is not based on most clicks but rather on most accurate clicks. This characteristic forces players to manually click the target. It is one of the reasons why it is more fun, organic and competitive play. 

We also offer games such as the basic ‘Click Speed Test.’ The click speed test is simple and simply demands a player to click as fast as they can in a given time interval. The common time intervals are 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute and 100 seconds. It is a great game that increases one’s ability to generate fast clicks. 

The game is prone to cheating as unethical gamers choose to run auto clickers for self-satisfaction or show off. Apart from auto clickers, players tend to use many of the questionable clicking techniques such as butterfly clicking. 

The reason butterfly clicking and drag clicking are controversial is that players can generate hundreds of clicks in a second using the methods. While using such techniques is possible on a normal clicking game, but it is impossible to use it on the Javascript Mouse Accuracy game. What makes it impossible is the ever-changing target, which makes it difficult for players to cheat.

If a player is looking to practice snapping their fingers as fast as possible then there is no better game than Click Speed Test.

While players can test the speed of mouse clicks for various time intervals, they can’t check their accuracy. It is one of its major limitations and it is for that reason our mouse accuracy game offers more options. Therefore, enjoy the game and invite and challenge your friends for a game of Mouse Accuracy.